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Leaders in ergonomics and
magnification for healthcare professionals


We are leaders in magnification and ergonomics in Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Our pioneering Ergo technology has revolutionised dentistry and medicine.


Our expertise in magnification is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence in dentistry, healthcare and veterinary medicine.


Víttrea Academy has enabled us to establish a strong presence in leading universities and training centres.


Our main priority is the satisfaction of our clients, ensuring a safe and successful incorporation of magnification as an essential tool in their clinical practice.


Is to deliver high-quality optics that enhance diagnostic accuracy, encourage ergonomic posture, and alleviate eye strain.


is to deliver high-quality optics that enhance diagnostic accuracy, encourage ergonomic posture, and alleviate eye strain.


We are one of the four divisions of IPG Dental Group, a company with over 15 years of experience, comprised of top-tier  professionals. 


We were established in 2018 in response to the discerned needs of our clients for tailor-made products coupled with specialized optical guidance. Since then, our state-of-the-art technology has been a companion to the clinical practice of thousands of professionals, enhancing their vision and safety during treatments, as well as promoting improved postural habits. 


At Víttrea, we engage in strategic collaborations with esteemed manufacturers to ensure the provision of high-quality products.

We maintain a close partnership with Admetec, a leading company in the field of quality dental loupes, adhering to our rigorous standards.
Our Flexion range of microscopes, manufactured by CJ-Optik, a renowned German leader in precision and ergonomics, exemplifies our commitment to excellence.
At Víttrea, our unwavering dedication is to partner exclusively with industry leaders, prioritizing the design of comfort and ergonomics.

Why magnification and ergonomics?

A significant percentage of healthcare professionals experience back and neck pain, as well as injuries resulting from incorrect posture during their practice. Factors such as the complexity of procedures and over-concentration can impact the body, leading to muscle pain, back issues, and visual discomfort. The utilization of magnification systems, such as loupes or microscopes, can help correct posture and prevent health-related conditions. Learn more about how to maintain your health through ergonomics and magnification!"