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Vision without boundaries

The two new Twin models, each equipped with two LED light sources, will allow you to enjoy a terrific microscopic experience. The second LED light on the Twin Blue model generates fluorescence, while on the Twin White, it doubles the intensity of the light. 

flexion twin lite-microscopio-detalle

Twin Blue LED

Fluorescence Visibility

In addition to the white LED light, the Flexion Twin Blue is equipped with a second LED (dark blue), enhancing the identification of restorative materials, tartar, and caries. Ultraviolet light causes the porphyrins inside caries bacteria to fluoresce orange/red. The fluorescence mode is adjusted through a wheel ergonomically placed for right-handed use. 

flexion twin detalle

Twin white LED

Increased Light Intensity up to 200,000 Lux

The white version of the Flexion Twin takes into account the desire of many dentists for a exceptionally well-lit treatment area, providing a second white LED for additional brightness. With the Twin White, the enormous power of up to 200,000 Lux from the two LED lights is evident. The unique feature is that the front and rear LEDs can be switched independently of each other. Their different angles of incidence (less than 3°) facilitate the identification of root canal structures. The three light modes are easily controlled via the joystick. Thanks to the high magnification power, lateral canals and transverse connections can be identified very well. 

flexion twin

Visión sin Límites

Los dos nuevos modelos Twin, cada uno de ellos con dos fuentes de luz, le permitirán disfrutar de una experiencia de microscopía excepcional. La segunda luz LED del modelo Twin Blue genera fluorescencia, mientras que en el Twin White duplica la intensidad de la luz

Flexible and Customized

FlexionThe name says it all, including various mounting options. In addition to the dimensions shown here, CJ-Optik also offers customized heights and lengths for all tripod components to adapt the mounting to the facilities in the best possible way. Furthermore, the components are interchangeable (e.g., when switching to ceiling mounting). 


Specialized Consultation



Specialized Consultation