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Lupas Ergo de Víttrea | Entrevista a la doctora Natàlia Diez

Interview with Dr. Natàlia Diez, specialist in endodontics

Since the doctor incorporated the Ergo 7.5X loupes into her practice, her ergonomics have significantly improved.

From a family of economists and lawyers, but she always knew her world was dentistry. That’s why Dr. Natàlia Diez studied Dentistry at the University of Barcelona and began her Postgraduate studies in Endodontics there in 2015.

Her early career was as a general dentist, although endodontics always played a significant role in her daily practice.

When she decided to exclusively focus on endodontics, it was a challenging start, but with responsibility and effort, she realized it was her true passion. Since then, she hasn’t done anything other than specialize in this field, enjoying her work every day.

Every morning, she heads to a different clinic in Barcelona, all of them private, where conservative dentistry is prioritized, focusing on being very close to patients.

Outside of her profession, she also enjoys the mountains. Whenever she can, she escapes on weekends, her latest challenge being the Maladeta (3,308 m). Another of her great passions is traveling. During her vacations, she travels the world to discover new cultures. Her last adventure was in Iceland, the land of ice and fire, where she stood on a volcano one day and climbed a glacier the next.

Natàlia uses Ergo 7.5X loupes, as they allow her to perform her work as an endodontist. Since incorporating Ergo loupes into her clinical practice, she has not experienced muscle contractions or discomfort in her neck, her ergonomics have improved, which is reflected in the health of her back.

Ergo loupes| Interview with Dr. Natàlia Diez:

Dr. Diez, how long have you been using magnification and why did you start? What type of loupes have you used so far?

I have been using magnification since I started working as an exclusive endodontist, about 6 years ago. I used straight 3.5X loupes without light, and although I didn’t know it at the time, they were very heavy.

What advantages do you highlight in the use of loupes and lighting systems? How does it influence your work?

Without the loupes, there are canals that I couldn’t see, it’s as simple as that. They allow me to do my job; without them, I couldn’t. The light facilitates it. Although I could work without light, there are cases where it becomes indispensable, for example, when performing an endodontic treatment or transcoronal retreatment.

What advice would you give to a professional who is considering starting to work with dental loupes? What magnification would you recommend starting with in your sector?

I would tell them that they have to decide what magnification they want according to the work they are going to do. If you are an exclusive endodontist, as Manuel Estévez (Víttrea product specialist) says, your magnification should be 5X or 7.5X, with light. I had doubts about whether to choose 5X or 7.5X, but I trusted Manuel’s experience to finally choose 7.5X. It was definitely a great decision.

“I chose Ergo loupes because I have had neck discomfort for a long time, and since I started using them, I haven’t had muscle contractions.”

What factors have you considered in choosing your latest loupes? What type of magnification have you chosen and why?

I chose Ergo loupes because I have had neck discomfort for a long time, and since I started using them, I haven’t had muscle contractions.

Do you use loupes in all the treatments you perform?

I usually make the opening without the loupes and then use them for the rest of the endodontic treatment.

What advice would you give to a colleague who is starting to use magnification?

Be aware that you need an adaptation period, it’s good to use them minimally in the first few days and gradually increase their use until you feel comfortable with them.

How did you find out about Ergo loupes? What benefits does the use of this new dental loupes system bring you? Has your ergonomics changed with the use of loupes? Where have you noticed it?

I learned about them at Dr. Francesc Abella’s Periapical Surgery course. My posture during treatments has changed a lot, which is reflected in the health of my back.

Thanks to Dr. Diez for her testimony, and especially for trusting the Víttrea team to incorporate Ergo loupes into her daily life as an exclusive endodontist.

If you are also thinking of incorporating magnification into your clinical practice or for your surgeries, contact us. We have a team of opticians-optometrists and product specialists who will advise you without obligation.

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