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Portada del artículo del blog Víttrea en el que Gaceta Dental publica un artículo científico sobre magnificación y ergonomía en odontología.

Magnification and Ergonomics in Dentistry

Ergonomics in Dentistry: A Fundamental Aspect for Professional and Patient Well-being 

Ergonomics in dentistry is a fundamental aspect to ensure the well-being of both professionals and patients. From working postures to the proper use of vision, numerous factors influence the efficiency and health of dental personnel. 

‘Magnification and Ergonomics in Dentistry: A Multidisciplinary Approach,’ Gaceta Dental. 

In this context, the article ‘Magnification and Ergonomics in Dentistry: A Multidisciplinary Approach,’ published in the Gaceta Dental magazine, comprehensively addresses these crucial aspects for the development of dental practice. The authors of the article, Diana Bravo, Optician and Optometrist, and César Castaño, Physiotherapist from the first team of Real Sporting de Gijón, present valuable perspectives and solutions regarding ergonomics in dentistry. 

Ergonomics and Vision in Dentistry: Fundamental Aspects 

Dental practice is demanding both in terms of vision and posture. The deep and dark areas of the oral cavity, the need for precision, and the continuous clinical decision-making make ergonomics a crucial factor in dentistry. Professionals often adopt inadequate and forced postures, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and affect their long-term health. 

By improving ergonomics and vision in dental practice, the health and well-being of both professionals and patients are promoted. 

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