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Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea donde el doctor Esteban García habla sobre la eficacia de los microscopios Flexion en Periodoncia e Implantología para la revista Maxillaris.

Maxillaris: Microscope in Periodontics and Implantology

Dr. Esteban García de Castro Morán, from Clínica García de Castro in Gijón, Publishes a Clinical Case in Maxillaris Magazine Highlighting the Applications of Our Microscope in These Specialties 

If you are a dental professional looking to improve your surgical results in periodontics and implantology, it’s essential to be aware of the Flexion CJ-Optik surgical microscope. 

This instrument has become the preferred tool for many specialists in the field, such as Dr. Esteban García de Castro Morán from Clínica García de Castro in Gijón. 

In a recent clinical case published in Maxillaris magazine, Dr. García de Castro Morán highlighted the applications of this microscope in the specialties of periodontics and implantology. 

The magnification provided by this instrument allows for detailed visualization of dental and periodontal structures, which is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies. 

Furthermore, the use of the Flexion CJ-Optik surgical microscope contributes to reducing the fatigue and visual stress of the professional, thereby improving the quality of care provided to patients. 

Beneficial for Long and Complex Procedures 

In this regard, the ergonomics of the microscope help maintain a healthier posture and less strained vision, which is very beneficial in long and complex procedures, preventing muscular and visual discomfort. 

Another aspect to highlight about the Flexion CJ-Optik surgical microscope is its optical quality and versatility in use. According to Dr. García de Castro Morán, it offers functionalities that can benefit the specialties of implantology and periodontics. 

The Dental Microscope is a Valuable Communication Tool with Patients 

Additionally, the ability to record and take photographs throughout the process by the clinician offers significant advantages for documenting clinical cases and serves as a valuable communication tool with patients. 

If you are considering incorporating a microscope into your clinic, at Víttrea, we can provide you with advice without obligation. 

We have a team of professionals who will guide you in choosing the most suitable instrument for your practice. You can email us at or call us at +34 984 491 808. 

In summary, the use of the Flexion CJ-Optik surgical microscope can make a difference in your periodontics and implantology procedures, improving precision, the quality of patient care, and the documentation of clinical cases. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover its full potential and improve your surgical results. Contact us and request more information. 

You can read the complete clinical case “Applications of the Surgical Microscope in Periodontics and Implantology” by Dr. Esteban García de Castro Morán in the magazine Maxillaris.