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Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea en el que Esprohident presenta el curso de innovación de restauraciones del sector posterior celebrado en Jerez de la Frontera.

Esprohident: Posterior Sector Restoration Course

Students Will Work with Binocular Loupes 


Sponsored by: Dentsply Sirona 

Speaker: Dr. Joaquín Tabuenca 

Date: January 19 

Program: Simplifying Direct Composite Resin Restorations 

  • Current Composites: Where We Come From and Where We’re Heading 
  • Challenges in Direct Restorations: Cervical Sealing, Polymerization Contraction, Low-Shrinkage Resins 
  • Color Selection: Simplifying in the Posterior Sector 
  • Adhesion to Enamel and Dentin: Current Strategies and Future Adhesives 
  • Clinical Cases: 
  • Achieving a Good Contact Point 
  • Innovation in Matrix Systems 
  • Finishing and Polishing 
  • Indirect Restorations: Inlays 
  • Types and Indications for Adhesive Indirect Restorations 
  • Immediate Dentin Sealing, Preparation, and Impression 
  • Cementation Step by Step: Tooth and Inlay Conditioning 
  • Hands-On Session 
  • Use of Palodent V3 for Optimal Contact Point, Finishing, and Polishing 
  • Performing Direct Restoration Using Banini Sphere Technique with Ceram.X Universal 
  • Detailed Protocol Application for Class I, II, III, and IV Restorations 
  • Inlays Protocol