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premios a la mejor web de asturias por el comercio vittrea 2024 best web in asturias awards

Víttrea, finalist and nominated as the best website in Asturias by the prestigious awards of El Comercio

On March 20th, in an exciting gala ceremony, the verdict of the XXV Awards for the Best Website of Asturias, organized by in collaboration with Gijón Impulsa, was revealed. Among the distinguished finalists, Vittrea stands out, recognized for its excellence and dedication in the digital world. 

These awards, which are backed by twenty-four previous editions, aim to highlight and promote the quality of work done on the internet within the Asturian territory. With a wide variety of categories ranging from business and institutional to leisure and e-commerce, the competition represents a unique platform to showcase and reward regional online talent. 

Víttrea, with its innovative proposal and commitment to excellence, emerges as one of the 5 finalists among 23,000 submitted nominations. Throughout the process, Víttrea has been supported by Prisma Dent, an external team specialized in web development, with whom they have forged a website that has stood out for its intuitive design, relevant content, and ability to offer a unique experience to its users. The synergy between both teams has been fundamental in achieving this recognition, demonstrating that the collaboration of local talents can lead to extraordinary results. 

The awards ceremony not only recognized the winners in each category but also provided the opportunity to celebrate the effort and dedication of all the nominees. In addition to the recognition, the awards include an advertising campaign on, which will provide visibility to the awarded company. 

Participation in these awards is a testament to Víttrea’s commitment to digital excellence and its contribution to the growth of the digital ecosystem in Asturias. This recognition not only validates our work but also serves as inspiration to continue innovating and growing in the future. 

With this nomination, Víttrea consolidates itself as a reference in the Asturian digital landscape and as an example of success. Our dedication and quality are a testimony to the talent and creativity present in the Principality of Asturias. 

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