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Víttrea concluye el año con innovaciones clave en ergonomía y magnificación, reforzando su liderazgo en el sector dental y médico

Víttrea reinforces its leadership in the dental and medical sector.

Víttrea, a key company of the IPG Dental group, has stood out this year for its innovation and growth in the field of magnification and ergonomics for professionals in the dental and medical fields. 

With a multidisciplinary team of experts in ergonomics and vision, Víttrea has set a milestone in improving visual and ergonomic conditions for healthcare professionals. 

One of its distinguishing features is its extensive range of loupes, with magnifications ranging from 2.5X to 10X, offering the widest range of magnifications in the market. This diversity allows professionals to select the loupe that best suits their specialties, ensuring unparalleled precision and comfort in their practices. 

Pioneers in Ergo Technology 

The Ergo loupe by Víttrea, known for its effectiveness and superior ergonomic design, has positioned itself as one of the best in its class. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has been a constant, reflected in every product and service they offer, strengthening their position as a leader in the field of ergonomic technology. 

This year, the Flamingo Camera has joined Víttrea’s catalog as a revolutionary innovation. This tool combines loupes, lighting, and an HD camera with front light, providing superior quality images for various dental and medical applications. 

Furthermore, as the exclusive distributor in Spain of the distinguished CJ-Optik line, Víttrea continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence and reliability. Throughout the year 2023, they have tirelessly maintained high-quality standards and adhered to strict certifications, ensuring that each microscope offers superior performance. 

Success of Ergonomics Month 

During ‘Ergonomics Month’ in May, Víttrea launched a Postural Guide, making a significant impact on the dental and medical communities. This initiative, complemented by motivating testimonials from professionals, has highlighted the crucial relevance of ergonomics in medical and dental practice, reaffirming Víttrea’s commitment to promoting healthy and effective work practices. 

The launch of their new website in October also marked a significant advancement, offering an intuitive and accessible user experience, highlighting the ‘Perfect Loupe Configurator’, a tool that has transformed how professionals select and customize their loupes, perfectly adapting to each individual’s work style. 

Víttrea: International Expansion 

Strengthening its presence on the international stage, especially in countries like Portugal and Belgium, Víttrea has played an active role in over 200 events and courses throughout this year. 

By closely collaborating with experts in various fields, the company has successfully spread the advantages of its advanced magnification technology to more than 2,000 professionals. This effort has substantially enriched both the practice and knowledge of these specialists. 

In summary, Víttrea concludes a year of significant achievements, reaffirming its mission to provide cutting-edge innovative and ergonomic solutions to healthcare professionals.