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Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea en el que se entrevista al doctor Arman Gazi de EndoBrussels sobre las lupas ergo 7.5x.

Dr. Arman Gazi: A Leading Figure in the World of Endodontics 

Dr. Arman Gazi is one of the prominent figures in the global field of endodontics. Today, we share his story and explore why he has chosen to incorporate magnification into all his treatments and training. 

Arman Gazi completed his training as a dentist and endodontist at the University of Brussels (ULB). Currently, he practices exclusively as an endodontist at the prestigious clinic Endo-Brussels and is part of the Endodontics Department at Erasme Hospital, associated with ULB. Additionally, he balances his clinical work with one of his great passions: training new talents as a professor in the Master’s program in Microscopic Endodontics and Apical Surgery at the Rey Juan Carlos University and at the Endo Training Center in Brussels. 

Arman Gazi, A Devotee of Víttrea 

For Dr. Gazi, the use of microscopy is essential in all his endodontic treatments. This technology provides him with maximum precision in the most demanding processes. With its wide range of magnification options, it allows for clearer visualization of dental anatomy and the execution of more precise and less invasive treatments. 

However, he has also decided to elevate the quality of his workshops and hands-on sessions by including Víttrea’s Ergo 7.5X loupes with Butterfly illumination due to their high degree of precision, comfort, and lightness. 

Why Choose the Ergo 7.5X Loupes with Butterfly Illumination? 

The Ergo 7.5X loupes offer optimal visualization of the working area, allowing professionals to maintain a straight back posture without having to tilt their neck. The 7.5X magnification provides exceptional precision for handling the most demanding treatments, particularly in complex endodontics and apical microsurgery. 

Moreover, their quick learning curve makes them the ideal tool for dentists in training who follow the advice of experienced specialists like Dr. Gazi, who has already integrated them into his daily practice. 

The wireless Butterfly illumination system combines perfect ergonomics with advanced optical technology. It provides shadow-free white light that can be easily turned on with a simple touch on the top. 

Get Expert Advice Without Obligation 

If you, like Dr. Arman Gazi, are interested in incorporating Víttrea’s magnification into your daily work, our technical team will provide expert advice without obligation. 

Experience a new way of working with a wide range of dental loupes and microscopes from Flexion by CJ-Optik. 

Contact our product specialist team by emailing us at or calling our customer service hotline at 984 491 808.