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Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea en el que se entrevista al doctor Arman Gazi de EndoBrussels sobre las lupas ergo 7.5x.

Dr. Arman Gazi: A Leading Figure in the World of Endodontics 

Dr. Arman Gazi is one of the prominent figures in the global field of endodontics. Today, we share his story and explore why he has chosen to incorporate magnification into all his treatments and training.  Arman Gazi completed his training as a dentist and endodontist
Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea en el que el doctor Francesc Abella habla de la magnificación.

Dr. Francesc Abella and 6 Benefits of Magnification

In his article on Magnification in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry, Dr. Francesc Abella delves into the benefits of using dental microscopes or loupes.  “Using loupes for individuals still in training is highly beneficial.” This is one of the highlights that Dr. Abella Sans has mentioned
Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea donde el doctor Esteban García habla sobre la eficacia de los microscopios Flexion en Periodoncia e Implantología para la revista Maxillaris.

Maxillaris: Microscope in Periodontics and Implantology

Dr. Esteban García de Castro Morán, from Clínica García de Castro in Gijón, Publishes a Clinical Case in Maxillaris Magazine Highlighting the Applications of Our Microscope in These Specialties  If you are a dental professional looking to improve your surgical results in periodontics and implantology,
Portada del artículo del blog Víttrea que anuncia el lanzamiento de la cámara flamingo.

Discover the Flamingo Camera: Document. Record. Teach.

Discover a Detailed and Precise View of Your Treatments with This New Camera  In the field of dentistry and surgery, capturing every detail with precision and elegance is essential to provide the best care to our patients. That’s why we are excited to introduce the

5 Advantages of Flexion Dental Microscopes

MICROSCOPES CJ-OPTIK FLEXION: GERMAN QUALITY AND PRECISION The CJ-Optik Flexion dental microscopes are the trusted choice for dental and surgical professionals worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing dental and surgical microscopes, CJ-Optik has established itself as a leader in the industry. Their
Víttrea concluye el año con innovaciones clave en ergonomía y magnificación, reforzando su liderazgo en el sector dental y médico

Víttrea reinforces its leadership in the dental and medical sector.

Víttrea, a key company of the IPG Dental group, has stood out this year for its innovation and growth in the field of magnification and ergonomics for professionals in the dental and medical fields.  With a multidisciplinary team of experts in ergonomics and vision, Víttrea
Cabecera del blog: Víttrea estrena una nueva web más visual e intuitiva

We’re launching our new website

New Víttrea Website: We’re Excited  We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Víttrea website! This long-awaited event coincides with the 43rd National Congress of Endodontics, organized by the Spanish Association of Endodontics and taking place in Tenerife from November 2nd to 4th.