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Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea en el que se muestra una entrevista con el doctor José Aranguren.

Doctor José Aranguren, an exclusive international reference in the world of endodontics, talks about the importance of magnification for Gaceta Dental. 

Doctor José Aranguren was recently interviewed by Gaceta Dental, a leading magazine in the field, where he discusses the importance of using magnification in the early stages of dental practice. In his own words, “I don’t understand endodontics without magnification. To achieve quality results, one must work with loupes or a microscope.” 

Doctor Aranguren is the President-Elect of the Spanish Association of Endodontics (AEDE), the Director of the Master’s Program in Microscopic Endodontics and Apical Surgery at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, and a Professor at the International Dental Institute in Palm Beach (Florida) and other endodontic training programs. Additionally, he has published over 40 articles in national and international journals and is a co-author of the book “Microdentistry, a practical guide.” 

Doctor José Aranguren’s Beginnings in Magnification 

He graduated in dentistry from the European University of Madrid and specialized in endodontics at the Southern Mississippi University (USM). Currently, he is an exclusive endodontist at the Endo Clinic in Madrid and also travels to other international clinics to perform treatments. 

In the interview with Gaceta Dental, the doctor recounts how he started with magnification back in 2002, listening to professionals like Borja Zabalegui in Spain, Giuseppe Cantatore, and many American doctors. 

He explains that one of the factors that led him to specialize in dental microscopy was seeing what could be controlled and achieved with the microscope. Through trial and error, with a lot of practice and observation, he discovered the right postures, ergonomics, and the correct way to work. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and uses magnification in all his treatments. 

Although he always tries to work with a microscope whenever possible, for the doctor, the Ergo 7.5X loupes are an excellent alternative to using a microscope. 

“Personally, I try to always work with a microscope. However, in my training courses and hands-on sessions, as well as in a clinic in Austria where I occasionally work and they don’t have a microscope, I use the Ergo magnifying loupes. It’s an excellent alternative to using a microscope, and without a doubt, the closest thing to it is working with Víttrea’s Ergo loupes. With them, you achieve a positioning just like that of a microscope and they provide up to 10X magnification.” 

Specifically, he uses the Ergo 7.5X loupes and recommends this magnification to other endodontists because it resembles the magnification of a microscope. For specialists who combine endodontics with restorative dentistry, he recommends a lower magnification, around 5-6X. 

In the interview, he also emphasizes the importance of good lighting and that the more magnification is used, the more light is needed. 

Why Ergo Loupes Can Be Useful for Dentists of Any Specialty 

There are many benefits to using Ergo loupes. In the words of Dr. Aranguren, they “allow for an ideal ergonomic position: a straight back, relaxed eyes, a focal distance suitable for our work, and they can be used in any specialty, not just in endodontics. Periodontics, surgery, restoration, prosthetics, etc. Nowadays, in practically any specialty, the use of magnification is highly recommended. All regular loupes, those that are not Ergo, require hyperextension of the neck, which makes the position not 100% ergonomic.” 

In combination with Ergo loupes, the doctor recommends using an ergonomic chair that allows you to maintain an infinite gaze and relaxed arms. For this purpose, he recommends using the Score chair with armrests. 

Education and Magnification for Future Professionals 

José Aranguren is a worldwide reference in endodontics and a prominent speaker in training sessions and major conferences in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. For him, magnification is of vital importance during dental practice, and he promotes its use right from the training stage. 

Dr. Aranguren advocates for the use of magnification in his courses because he cannot conceive of endodontics without it. He believes that, to achieve quality results, magnification should always be used. 

Experience the Power of Magnification 

If you’re also considering incorporating magnification into your daily work, our team of optometrists, dentists, and product specialists will advise you without any obligation. 

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