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Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea en el que se muestra una entrevista con el doctor Julio Luna.

Interview with Dr. Julio Luna about Ergo 4x Loupes

To celebrate the third anniversary of the launch of Ergo loupes, we are celebrating the Month of Ergonomics at Víttrea with numerous activities. Today, we are speaking with Dr. Julio Luna, a specialist in Dentistry and Stomatology, who became the first user in Spain of the innovative Ergo loupes in 2020. 

Dr. Luna will share his personal experience with us in using these loupes, which have continued to be the ones with the widest range of magnifications on the market since their launch. He will explain how they have improved his daily work in the clinic and, most importantly, how they have helped him achieve an ideal ergonomic posture, significantly enhancing his quality of life. 

Julio Luna, who has taken the step towards higher magnification, recently incorporated the Ergo 4X loupes to enhance precision and detail in his work, combining their use with 10X magnification. He shares his personal experience and how it has improved his daily clinical work. 

With over 20 years of experience in the profession and extensive training in various fields of specialization, this Dentistry and Stomatology professional has taken the leap towards greater magnification, recently incorporating the Ergo 4X loupe to enhance precision and detail in his work, combining it with 4X magnification. 

In addition to his clinical practice, Julio Luna is a professor and author of articles in conferences and specialized publications. Currently, he plays an important role in education, serving as a speaker at conferences like the SEPE (Spanish Society of Esthetic and Prosthetic Dentistry). 

Interview with Dr. Julio Luna 

  1. Dr. Luna, before incorporating the Ergo 4X loupes into your clinical practice, you already had experience with the use of microscopes and other types of magnifying loupes. What did the Ergo loupes offer you that convinced you to incorporate them into your clinical practice?

The reason I decided to go for the Ergo loupes was that while looking for new 4X or 5X ergonomic loupes, they were presented to me as a new concept at that time. I tried them for a few days, and the experience was fantastic. Besides being the closest to using a microscope due to the ergonomic position, they offer the possibility of mobility between the different clinics where I work. 

  1. You recently incorporated the Ergo 10X loupes into your clinical practice to enhance precision and detail in your work. Could you tell us what led you to step up to higher magnification and in which specific procedures you use these loupes?

I was looking for some additional magnification, like the 7.5X loupes that I had already tried. At that time, the 10X loupes were being introduced, and I ultimately chose them. I use them for more demanding cases such as veneer preparations, reendodontics, and apexectomies. Moreover, they make it much easier to suture periodontal flaps with 7.0 and 8.0 sutures, which are very fine. 

  1. At Víttrea, we are celebrating the Month of Ergonomics, and we understand that the work in dentistry can be very demanding in terms of posture. Could you highlight the benefits you have experienced in terms of posture by using Ergo loupes in your daily practice? How have they helped you maintain a healthier posture in your daily work?

The Ergo loupes changed my concept of working, especially in terms of posture. I had been using conventional loupes with 2.5X and 3.25X magnification for over 10 years, which had resulted in chronic neck pain that I couldn’t seem to recover from. It was undoubtedly a discovery, as my initial intention was to acquire a microscope, but the best part was the physical relief and relief from neck pain. They are highly recommended for any professional who cares about their neck health and seeks lightweight and comfort. 

  1. Dr. Luna, Ergo loupes are known for their innovative design and their ability to improve precision and detail in dental work. If you had to highlight a feature of these loupes, what would it be? How do you value complementing them with lighting systems in your daily clinical work?

I would like to highlight the change in posture when working with Ergo loupes compared to conventional ones. With the latter, you work with your back and neck in a more upright, relaxed, and tension-free position, which is what I value the most. On the other hand, the cordless Butterfly light’s illumination provides convenience as the batteries are small, and there are no cables in the way that could be obstructive. It is the most minimalist type of LED lighting system. 

Experience the Power of Magnification 

Thanks to Dr. Julio Luna for his testimony and for trusting in Víttrea’s Ergo 4X loupes to improve his way of working, with better ergonomics and a healthier posture! 

If you are also considering incorporating magnification into your daily work, our team of optometrists, dentists, and product specialists will advise you without any commitment. 

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