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Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea en el que se muestra una entrevista con el doctor Mitxel Otxoa.

Interview with Dr. Mitxel Otxoa about Galileo 3.2x Loupes

In celebration of Víttrea’s Ergonomics Month, we want to share testimonials from professionals, getting firsthand insights into their experience with magnification and how loupes have brought changes to their daily routines. 

In this edition, we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Mitxel Otxoa, a Dentist at Clínica Ortigosa in Palma de Mallorca. He will talk to us about his experience with magnification and how loupes have transformed his daily practice. With an impressive professional background, Dr. Otxoa graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and is a specialist in endodontics, as well as a member of SEPES and AEDE. 

Mitxel Otxoa has been using loupes for over a decade and has worked with magnification throughout his entire career. In the last three years, he has embraced Víttrea’s magnification solutions, starting with Galileo 3.2X loupes and recently making the transition to Ergo 5X loupes. As part of Víttrea’s Ergonomics Month celebration, Dr. Otxoa will share his insights on using loupes and how they have enhanced his daily practice. 

Interview with Dr. Mitxel Otxoa 

  1. Dr. Mitxel Otxoa, over the course of your career, you have used different types of loupes. In what specific situations do you use the Galileo 3.2X loupe in your daily practice?

I use loupes for everything, from examinations to any treatment. I can no longer conceive of doing anything without magnification. Without loupes, I wouldn’t work. If they were to break, I would have to take a day off! 

  1. You recently switched to using Ergo 5X loupes. Could you tell us why you decided to increase the magnification and why you chose Víttrea’s Ergo loupes in particular?

The increase in magnification, in my case, was almost a natural step. Sometimes you realize that you would need more magnification for certain treatments. As they often say, if you can see it well, you can do it well. In my case, in addition to the leap to higher magnification, the Ergo loupe improves the working posture and all that it entails. 

  1. Now that you are using Ergo 5X loupes, in which specific treatments have you found this higher magnification to be particularly useful? Could you share with us an experience where Ergo loupes have been especially beneficial in your daily work?

The Ergo loupes, being my most recent loupes, I am gradually implementing into my daily practice. Although they are not my “go-to” loupes yet, I am progressively increasing their use. The 5X magnification makes them very versatile. With them, you can perform anything from a filling to an endodontic procedure. 

  1. Since this month Víttrea celebrates Ergonomics Month, we would like to ask you, Dr. Mitxel Otxoa, how do you think being a user of loupes over time has influenced the health of your neck and back? Have you noticed an improvement in your posture or a reduction in discomfort since using Víttrea’s Ergo loupes?

Víttrea’s loupes provide the proper and safe working distance that eliminates the need to force your posture during treatments. Your back undoubtedly appreciates it. I would definitely recommend the use of magnification to all professionals, as it not only enhances their treatments but also improves their posture. 

Experience the Power of Magnification 

Thanks to Dr. Mitxel Otxoa for his testimonial and for trusting Víttrea’s Ergo loupes to improve his way of working, with better ergonomics and a healthier posture. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discover how our loupes can help enhance your daily practice. 

Write to us at or call our customer service number 984 491 808. 

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