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Portada del artículo del blog de Víttrea en el que se muestra una entrevista con la doctora Thais Pereira.

Interview with Dr. Thais Pereira about Ergo 7.5x Loupes

Dr. Thais Pereira, preparing to open her own dental clinic, uses Ergo 7.5X loupes and the Butterfly-S light for comfortable work at a greater distance from the patient without tilting her neck. 

Since her graduation in Dentistry at the University of São Paulo, this Brazilian professional specialized in Endodontics, combining clinical work with research and teaching in her academic career. After completing her master’s and doctoral degrees in Brazil, she obtained a scholarship to continue her studies in the Netherlands, where she earned a double doctorate. 

Dr. Thais Pereira met her husband in the Netherlands, a dentist from Mallorca, and after graduation, she moved to Spain, where she faced many bureaucratic obstacles to validate her degree. Currently, she divides her time between teaching at the University of the Balearic Islands, exclusive clinical practice in Endodontics, and her EndoCientíficas accounts on Instagram. 

This year, she embarks on a new project with her husband, their own dental clinic. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga, crossfit, and reading, as well as spending quality time with friends and family. 

We interviewed Dr. Thais Pereira to learn about her experience with Víttrea’s Ergo 7.5X loupes and the Butterfly-S light. 

Interview with Dr. Thais Pereira 

  1. Could you tell us about your experience with magnification in dentistry? When did you start using it, and what led you to incorporate it into your clinical practice? Also, could you tell us what type of loupes you have used so far and if you have tried any other type of magnification tool?

Magnification is essential for practicing excellent endodontics! We work in a microscopic, highly limited space, performing work that demands precision, and even with magnification, it can be complex in some cases. I started using magnification after my Master’s, but not every clinic had a microscope, so I used loupes. I started with non-professional loupes, then switched to 3.5X, and now I use Ergo 7.5X loupes, to which I am fully adapted and satisfied. 

  1. What are the main advantages you have experienced when using loupes and lighting systems in your professional practice? How have they influenced the quality of your work and your comfort during it?

Loupes and lighting optimize endodontic practice, making it safer and more predictable. They assist in access opening, canal localization, biomechanical preparation, obturation, cleaning of the pulp chamber, and reconstruction. They are truly useful in all stages and, when combined with ultrasonics, are ideal for reducing the likelihood of accidents during treatment. Additionally, loupes, especially Ergo loupes, force us to work in ergonomic positions, which is very important for workflow and, above all, for our well-being. 

  1. What advice would you give to a professional who wants to start using dental loupes? What magnification level would you recommend for starting in endodontics and why?

For those starting with magnification and specializing in endodontics, I recommend starting with Ergo 5X loupes. Adaptation may take some time, but once you are accustomed, you can’t work without magnification. It might be a good idea to practice with extracted teeth to make adaptation easier. 

  1. Could you explain the criteria you considered when selecting your latest loupes and why you chose the Ergo 7.5X loupes and the Butterfly-S light model in particular?

For the selection of my loupes, I took into account my field of vision. I wanted the largest and best possible visualization while being easy to refocus if I needed to change my focus, for example, to pick up an instrument. With Ergo 7.5X loupes, I can see 1 to 2 teeth and have an excellent view of the pulp chamber. The Butterfly-S light is amazing due to its power and lightness. 

  1. In what specific cases do you use loupes during your treatments?

I use loupes in all treatments. I exclusively practice endodontics, and I use them from the opening to the reconstruction. 

  1. What advice would you give to a colleague who is starting to use loupes in their dental practice? What aspects do you think are important to consider when choosing an appropriate magnification system?

For those starting with magnification and practicing endodontics, I recommend starting with Ergo 5X loupes. It might be easier to start with lower magnification and gradually increase, but loupes represent a relatively high investment. I believe one can adapt to 5X loupes, especially if they practice with extracted teeth, and this magnification is already of great assistance in endodontic practice. 

  1. How did you first learn about Víttrea’s new Ergo loupes?

I learned about Ergo loupes through two endodontist friends who used them and were very pleased. After trying them out, I decided on this option. 

  1. What are the benefits you have experienced from using Víttrea’s Ergo dental loupes?

Ergo loupes are an excellent way to maintain an ergonomic working position, keeping the back straight and avoiding excessive neck flexion. This optimizes workflow and is crucial for the long-term health of the dentist. 

  1. Has your ergonomics changed with the use of the loupes?

I have always tried to work in an ergonomic position, but sometimes we forget and work with poor posture. With Ergo 7.5X loupes, you cannot change your working posture, or you will lose focus and stop seeing. Therefore, you are forced to work with the correct postures. 

  1. How have you noticed this change?

I have experienced less back and neck pain since I started using Ergo loupes. Additionally, as a dentist, it’s important to complement the use of magnification with physical activity to strengthen the musculature and maintain back health, avoiding the development of work-related pathologies that are so common in our profession. 

Experience the Power of Magnification 

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